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Sunday, August 12, 2012

space men

When my boys are into something, they're INTO it. Being five and I-can-do-it-too-two, they have insatiable curiosities about whatever the topic at hand may be....trucks, dinosaurs, animals...potty talk...whatever....and they want to read/talk/sing and play about it all. the. time. It's cute. No, really. It's cute. Soooooooooooooooooo cute.

But then....it was Cute.
Meet my Space Men:

Max's big boy room has an outer space theme. There's the Sara Kate Kids birth stat print....

...and the mural...

...which has prompted lots of planet (and "dwarf planet") talk.
He wasn't, like, super into space before we chose it as his room decor...but it came together and the interest was sparked.

And then, while back-to-school shopping at Old Navy, we spied the astronaut jammies, aka: Space Suits, that we just Had To Have.

And because the boys had endured a full morning of shopping, and because they could use some new long-sleeved jammies for the fall anyway, and because, honestly, they ARE cute....we now have them. The boys wore them all afternoon on Thursday. They played Space Men Explorers, who traveled to far and distant planets ("And dwarf planets, like Pluto!" reminded Max). They played Space Men Spies, who solved solar system mysteries. They played Astronaut Ninjas, who basically just tackled each other.

The next day, Friday, was Max's three-year well check (and shots needed for school). They wore their jammies. I mean, SUITS. They were Space Men getting Check-Ups. Evan told Max that all astronauts need check ups before they can go into space. It kind of helped. (The astronaut lollipop helped more.)

The next morning, they changed back into their space suits. (We insisted upon them wearing other jammies to bed.) Max asked to watch, and I'm not making this up..."That video on the computer when Venus goes in front of the sun."  He remembered. So we watched. And then we watched the History of the Moon youTube video...and we caught up on the latest from Curiosity, the Mars Rover. 

It's a good time to be a Space Man.

Lesson Learned:
Just don't tell them the truth when they ask if they can be astronauts when they grow up....
if not NASA astronauts maybe "Space Travelers"..............

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