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Sunday, July 8, 2012

home: part 2

Here it is...the rest of the photo tour through our home. Still missing are photos of the mudroom, garage, guest quarters (ha!), and a bathroom or two. You can use your imagination for those. Picture them clean. Thanks.

Max's Room!

Max's Solar System Mural...
(Yes, we included Pluto, but with an asterisk.)

Birth Stat Print and rocket print courtesy of (ahem) Sara Kate Kids!

And we're still displaying his newborn photos, courtesy of EnSepia Photography...
(Thanks, Danette! Still among my favorites!)

Kids' Bath

Evan's Room!

He let me put up these construction trucks, but said he is too "grown up" for his name letters. :(

Evan's "Reading Nook"

Molly's Room!


 I made these, like, as soon as we knew she was Molly.

Our growth chart made the move! Check out how these two compare...

Our bedroom

My Mother's Day gift!!

Our bath

Behind that closed door is unfinished storage. Off to the immediate right of the cameraman is guest bedroom and bathroom.

The racetrack made the move, too!

Lesson Learned:
It's not where, but who you're with that makes a home....but seeing our stuff fill these unfamiliar walls sure made this house feel Just Right....right away. I....LOVE...it here.

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