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Saturday, July 14, 2012

butcher shop

Today I cried.
Over a haircut.
(Not mine.)

I recognize that this is silly. "It'll grow back," everyone says. But today, this gorgeous, adorable haircut....

was butchered.

I won't post pictures of it, so don't ask to see it. If I don't post them, I'll forget how awful of a cut it was when it does (and it WILL!) grow back.

I couldn't have been more clear:
"I like it long on top. Just clean up the sides and back. Blend it well, I don't want a mushroom cut."

She cleaned up the sides and the back with the long setting on the clippers. It looked fine. And then she took her shears to the top and with a single cut, she killed it.

"Wait! No! That's too short!"

"Oh...too short?"

"Yes! Too short! I want it long on top!"

"Oh, okay. Well, it's okay, I'll just blend this in. It'll be long still, I'll blend it."

She continued. I watched, nervously. It didn't look like she was "blending" anything and it didn't look like she was leaving anything "long." After a few more snips, I stepped in again: "It's really too short, please don't take it any shorter, just blend it in but leave the front long-ish."

"Okay, sure. I'll just blend it."

She kept "blending" and then brushed all of what was left of his hair forward. "Like that?"

Like what? I guessed she was asking if me if she had already done enough damage. "Okay." I said, scrutinizing, trying to fully assess the damage....

...and then, in the next instant, before I could comprehend what was happening, she CUT HIS BANGS.


She took those damn scissors and cut straight across his forehead.

We left before I caused [more of] a scene.

We headed straight for Target. Every time I looked back at that little passenger in the huge Target train cart, I welled up. I left Sam and the boys to check out and I went to the van to "nurse Molly." Really, I called my mom and burst into tears.

Over a haircut.

Lesson Learned:
It will grow back. But not before Worst Haircut Ever is recorded for all of posterity at my brother's wedding next weekend.

Evan's haircut looks good, but is too short for him to twirl. [sniff]

It's a damn good thing my boys are so Good Lookin' with or without super cute 'cuts.

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