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Friday, June 15, 2012

preschool diaries: the graduate

He did it.

Unlike a certain will-remain-unnamed Uncle (JACK!!)....Evan successfully completed Preschool. And what a journey it has been. From the first day he stepped into his three-year-old preschool classroom and fell asleep/looked through "hand binoculars" to the day, in (practically) DECEMBER, when he finally started to interact with the other kids and play at the Centers, to starting at a new school the following year, making his first True Friends, and, ultimately, to Loving School....This kid has been through a lot these past two years, and that little boy whose bag was nearly as big as he was two years ago...

...and even that Bigger Boy, who was a little unsure about heading back to the classroom in the fall...

...are almost unrecognizable in this grown-up, I Can Do It kindergartner.

There were some bumps along the way, but he's learned a lot (and taught a lot...can you believe that some of those kids in his class thought that dinosaurs lived 100 years ago? He couldn't. And can you believe that some kids didn't know what camouflage meant? He giggled when he retold the story about one little girl thinking it meant "a good sleeper." I told him, "Well, I bet she could teach YOU a lot about other things!" To which he responded, "Not animals, though. I'm what you would call an Animal Expert." Yup. He's going to be trouble in the big school. Apologies to his future teachers and classmates.).

I'm proud of his social development.
I'm proud of his fine motor development.
I'm proud of the way he chooses what he wants to share with us about his day away from us.
I'm proud of the way he bounds into the classroom after we've said our Goodbyes, but still lets me give him a kiss.
I'm proud of the way he tells Max all about the Best Parts of school...letting that positive anticipation build for his little brother.
I'm proud of him for, at many times, being the brave one between the two of us...and for being the first one to let go.

Lesson Learned:

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