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Saturday, June 23, 2012

home: part 1

We're here! We made it! 

We're one week into our new home and it feels like home. We've started to find our way around our new little town...we checked out our new grocery store: it's five minutes away, which is awesome, but it doesn't carry all of Evan's (and, maybe in the future, Molly's) dairy-free essentials. We'll still have to go "into town" (as they say here) once a week or so for those, but to have a place to pick up a forgotten ingredient or a last-minute quick dinner will be so nice. 

The library is cute and tiny and adorable and staffed by, literally, the nicest librarians I have ever met. It's also way too small to meet the needs of this growing community. As it is, they have to hold their children's programs at the local elementary school. They're breaking ground on a new, larger, more state-of-the-art library next week, but in the meantime, I can't wait to spend a morning a week at this little old former train station.

We haven't found our favorite parks, yet. Too hot this week to take Molly (me) out much, but I'm starting to make a list of places I've found on the internet and spots recommended by our new neighbors. I don't think we'll have any trouble at all filling our summer with new adventures.

But for now...we're staying in a lot, entertaining ourselves with just-unpacked-so-feels-new-again toys while we settle into our nest....

View of main living area:

Living room

With lots of floor space for big (and long) puzzles:


Dining area

First dinner in our new house!

Random Aside: Molly loves her exersaucer! 

And her bumbo!

The HexBugs babysit while I make dinner.

My new ART CABINET!! LOVE this!!

Main floor Playroom

Playroom storage (be still my heart!)

Front office...

...with a window that seems to have been created JUST to view these mountains

Front Porch (with the same amazing view)

Before dinner on the third day, we went for a walk in our new neighborhood. The boys had already discovered the Walking Trail ("in the enchanted forest," according to Max) when they went exploring with Mom Mom and Pop. So they lead the way...

We found, according to Evan, a Minnow Nursery. We watched the little fishies swim for a bit....and then Max started throwing rocks in the creek.

I love that we have this so close to our house. Growing up, there was a creek in our neighborhood that we used to spend HOURS in...totally unsupervised, of course. It was just up the street but felt miles away. One of the older boys in the neighborhood used to tell us little kids to watch out for the "quicksand" by the fallen tree. We dared each other to walk through the drainage tunnel that allowed the creek to trickle along beneath the paved path. My best friend and I found a secret place in those woods that was Ours and we even gave it a code name, which will not be revealed here. Because she reads this blog and we made a promise.

My boys and girl will have a place like that. A place that feels miles away and exciting and maybe just a little dangerous. And they'll go on adventures on their own and with their friends while I wait for them on our front porch...or chat with our neighbors on the sidewalk that lines our street.

Pinch me.

Lesson Learned:
Other noteworthy news of the week:
**There are four, FOUR, rising kindergartners on our street. I now have high hopes that Evan just might ride that school bus. Fingers crossed for positive peer pressure...

**Sam and the boys went golfing this afternoon. While Molls and I had some girl time at home. I think this should be a weekly event. Sam is more than happy to oblige.

**Max will be starting PRESCHOOL! We got the call on Friday that a spot opened up for him. I'm so excited for him...he's so ready. It'll be good for me, too, to have two mornings a week with just my baby girl...but it's crazy how starting preschool this time around feels SO DIFFERENT than when Evan started. There's a readiness there with Max that wasn't there for Evan (due to personality, yes, but also birth order: Max gets to hear all about Evan's exciting day at pick-up. He can't wait to have his own teachers, make his own projects, and find his own friends...), but I'm different now, too. It's easier to let go a little. But I'll still get misty when I say goodbye....or think about it too much...[sniff].

**While we've had our not-so-fine moments (like that time in Target when Max KICKED ME when I refused to buy him almonds at check-out. Yup. He really did. Online shopping from now on, I suppose. Or that time, when all hell was breaking loose here, so I told the kids (in a less than pleasant voice) that I wanted to go somewhere very far away all by myself until people decided they were ready to treat me nicely.) the kids are doing really, really well with all of these Big Changes. I need to keep reminding myself of how much they're dealing with so I can muster more patience than I showed the other day. Either that, or I need to send them down to the basement more often.

**Oh, and yes. Basement? Where have you been all my life? When the boys are down there playing, I can hear them enough to know when I should intervene ("Max, this time try to stand way up HERE!") but not so well that their Piratey Ninja voices interrupt my nice peaceful lunch with my smiley baby girl. When I finished my lunch, I went down to check on them. They had emptied out every puzzle piece, crayon, book, card, letter tile, and foam sticker into a pile under their slide. Evan was applying his 1,475th piece of scotch tape to an empty box. "Whatcha doing, guys?" I wondered. "It's a wedding!" Evan declared, in his Piratey Ninja voice. "I'm getting married!" sang Max. "Congratulations!" I said. And then Evan's box boat was all taped up and ready to set sail, Max's "luggage" was all packed beneath the slide, and they were ready for the ceremony to start. They held hands and danced while singing "Wedding! Wedding! Wedding!" At the end, Max married "Jo Jo." It was a beautiful wedding. I love you, Basement.

Home, sweet home.

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