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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

anatomy of a move

It's becoming quite apparent around here.... 

We're Really moving...

Our guest room has become a storage area.

And every spare square foot of hallway space is lined with boxes.

Just about all of the non-essentials have been packed. Left out now are clothes, most toys, kitchen necessities, and last minute stuff. The art cabinet is looking particularly lonely.

I also haven't packed my office. (Because Sara Kate Kids ain't slowing down for NObody's move.)

The changes have been stressful for the Older Boy....less so for the Younger Boy, but still, saying goodbye is never easy. After living and learning for the past few weeks of Serious Packing, we've found a few things that have helped to mitigate the stress:

1) Delay. We're putting off the packing of their rooms as long as possible. And moving in baby steps when things Must Be Packed. It's working. Sort of. (Evan's response to every request to pack something is, "Maybe tomorrow.") The last day is going to be a madhouse up there, but we'll be good until then.

2) New Activities/Jobs. Packing is work. Work that kids can help with. Of course there is box-filling work, but that's pretty boring. More exciting is work like... patching nail holes, sanding patched walls, repainting sanded walls...you know, workman work. Work that requires tools. And ladders.

The patching/sanding/painting is complete, and yet, the ladder remains. Right in the middle of the kitchen.  

3) Toy Free For All. Of course, while the packing is happening, the kids must, somehow, be entertained. We've cleared out our bonus room and it has become a dumping ground for yet-to-be-packed toy bins. And, to the delight of at least two members of this house, there is no need to Clean Up the Mess because it'll just be dumped again and again until it's ultimately packed up and sealed in a box. 

And so....we're getting there. And, so far, each step of this process has been easier than I had anticipated...

...but, quite frankly, the stress of it all is altogether too much for Little Miss Molly.

Lesson Learned:
It's reeeeeeeeallllly happening now! In less than three weeks, we'll be there!

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