"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 / 2.5 / 0.25

Just a few of my favorite things about my favorite little people, at this Moment.

Evan-5 years
We were reading books while I held Molly (he turns the pages for me when my hands are "full of baby"). Between pages, he looked down at his baby sister: "She is one beautiful baby." Then he bent down, kissed her toes, and feigned fainting at the smell of her stinky feet. Sweetness and silliness in one....that's pretty much Evan these days.

And what's more, he's so grown up when he needs to be. At Kindergarten Orientation last week, he easily fell into line with the other kindergartners-to-be as Sam separated from him to head to the Parents' Meeting. He rode the bus!! And, in a very special moment of Inclusion into the Big Kid World of Kindergartner, he even joined a class of current K students as they sat with their teacher at circle time. And when it was time, he reaped the ultimate reward...

He named that chick "Harris." And his favorite part of the Orientation? Only the part of Big Kid School I've been most dreading: the cafeteria. "Mom!" he gushed, "It's SO BIG and there's SO MANY kids in there!" Yup. He'll be Just Fine. Mama just needs to take a deep breath and [gulp] Let Go.

Max-2.5 years
His descriptive language is exploding. "Mommy," he said, while digging in to his chicken tacos, "this dinner is double genius!" And even better than "double genius" is "miracle." When something really Wows him, it's a miracle. I love this. Especially the time I said, "Max, your eyes are so beautiful." And he responded, "No they're not, MOM. They're a MIRACLE." Such self-confidence. I also love that, when we were sorting through toys and (willingly!) making a Donation pile, he looked at his outgrown toys and said, "Those kids that get these to play with? They're gonna be real inpwessed." I'm impressed, too, buddy.

My dad called last Saturday morning. "Whatcha up to?" he asked me. "Well, at the moment, I'm sitting with a pretty sad kiddo on my lap as I hold a washcloth to his face, trying to decide if he needs stitches." Without even needing to ask WHICH "kiddo" I was referring to, he knew. "What happened to Max?!" He's a bulldozer. He's big. He's thick. He's strong. And yet, when I held him (and ultimately decided that stitches weren't necessary THIS time), he melted easily into my cuddle. He's a Big Love.

And as much as the go-to, hardee-har-har response to this photo would be: "But you should see the other guy!" It isn't for Max....he wouldn't hurt a fly. Well, actually, he has been known to attack a line of ants with a plastic gas pump handle...but typically, he's a teddy bear.

Molly-12 weeks
Molly is loving Tummy Time these days...

...and really, is there anything cuter than a baby who is so proud to be able to lift her head off the blanket to see her big, adoring brothers cheering her on?

Yes, maybe one thing. Molly is at the perfect stage of nursing. Despite a brief (but unbelievably painful) bout of mastitis a few weeks ago, nursing has always come very easy and naturally for me and my babies. I recognize how lucky I am to be able to nurse...especially around this stage...Molly is old enough now to nurse well and efficiently, but little enough to still linger and gaze up at me as she eats. She'll stop eating for a minute, but without breaking her latch. She'll catch my eye (isn't hard, I never looked away) and the corner of her mouth will curl up into a little grin. And, just as her eyes start to crinkle and her ear wiggles, I melt. And then, she gets back to business.

Molly has been smiling pretty much constantly for the past few months now. For the last few days, though, she's been smiling so big that she's thisclose to erupting into laughter. For now, though, since she still hasn't figured out the belly laugh, she ends up just making this funny little grunting noise. It cracks her brothers up and startles her into a moro reflex and just might be my favorite mini-milestone of the moment.

Lesson Learned:
I've said it before and I'll say it again: It just keeps getting better.

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