"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

they make me laugh

On our way to pick up Evan from preschool this afternoon, Max and I were chatting as we always do during car rides in which Molly isn't howling. We talked about our upcoming trip to Austin, Texas for Aunt Kelly's wedding.

"What's a wedding?" he asked.
"It's a ceremony. Two people who love each other very much get married. Then, there's usually a party for all of their friends and family!"
"And it's Aunt Kelly's wedding?"
"Yup, the one we're going to in a few weeks is for Aunt Kelly."
"Why not Uncle Steven?"
"Oh, well, yeah. It's Uncle Steven's wedding, too. It's Aunt Kelly and Uncle Steven's wedding," I clarify.

[thoughtful pause, presumably about weddings, or Aunt Kelly and Uncle Steven, or the trip, or the airplane ride, or Texas, or any number of related or tangentially related topics to our current conversation...]

"Let's talk about donuts now," he responded instead. "Mine has pink frosting because that's delicious and tastes like butterflies."
"Mmmmmm! That sounds great! I'll have a chocolate donut."
"No. You'll have purple. Purple is genius. You want decorations on yours, too? I'll have elf shoes on mine."


We picked up the biggest boy and suffered through five or six minutes of Screaming Newborn before Molly settled into a quiet calm.

Once he could be heard, Evan said, "I have something to tell you about my day at school."
Seriously?! I almost swerved off the road...I never get ANY information about school. But I acted less-than hysterically excited: "Oh, yeah? What's that?"
"After she went to the potty, Maddy forgot to turn off the light. So I told Ms. Sarah, 'Ms. Sarah? Maddy didn't turn off the light."
"What did Ms. Sarah say?"
"She said, 'Oh, that's fine.'"

[I pause, not sure where this story is going...then he continues...]

"...so I just stared at her."
"You stared at Ms. Sarah?"
"Yup. I just stared at her and she stared back at me. Then finally, she said, 'You want to turn the light off, don't you?' And I did, so I went over and turned off the light all by myself."

"Oh. Okay. Well, good job, buddy."

Lesson Learned:
I love a kid who uses words and phrases like "tastes like butterflies" and "genius" when describing the taste sensation that is a donut.

And I love a kid who cares so much about wasted electricity (or something?) to not allow lights to be left on unnecessarily.

And I love a teacher who understands my kid so well that she didn't just brush his observation off and cause him stress by leaving that light on....Instead, she took her time and figured him out....and it meant so much to him that she did that he even told me all about it.

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