"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Spring Break! ...sigh.

Before the breakfast dishes had even been cleared, we were Hunting Easter Eggs. That soon lead into a full-on Easter Bunny role play game, in which eggs were hidden and little sneaky boys took turns hopping in and filling baskets with goodies (like plastic tools, board books, and food from our play kitchen).

Then, the Dinosaur Bin came out of the toy closet and baby dinos were stuffed into plastic eggs, nests were constructed, and two Mommy Dinosaurs delighted as their hatchlings were born.

We read books. We cooed at and shook rattles for a smiley, happy baby. We played with trains. We set up the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and recreated the Clubhouse Easter Party that we had seen on Disney Junior earlier this week. (And Evan flew the Mickey plane recklessly close to Molly's head over and over and over again.)

We Played. All. Day.

Aside from eating meals and Max's nap, it's all we did today. Sure, I had a few things to accomplish....I threw in a load of laundry, made a couple of quick phone calls, and attended to the needs of my doesn't-ask-for-much itty bitty baby, but for the most part, we played. And the boys whined. And argued with each other. And yelled and cried about silly things. And complained about everything, including the WAY I was playing.

And I was getting tired of it. I wanted to check out the deals on Zulily. I wanted to blog. I wanted to work on Evan's upcoming birthday party. I wanted to go to Target. I wanted needed to clean the bathroom and vacuum the upstairs. But I didn't do any of it...I played with my kids because today was the First Day of Spring Break and that's what they wanted to do. We are going to have a FUN Spring Break, damn it!

At about three, after Evan and I had set up an elaborate construction site, complete with dinosaurs who were ordering food off the dinosaur train (naturally), Molly woke up from her nap and was ready to eat. I took a break from the game to feed her and the wailing began: "Mmmm-OOOOOOO-mmm!!! Play with me! Why aren't you PLAYYYYYing with ME?? You NEVER plaaaaaaaaaayy with me!"

"I'm just feeding Molly and then we'll be ready to play again. Max is playing with you, I'm just taking a quick break." [And then, after witnessing a Classic Potty Dance...] "Go to the bathroom. Molly will be finished soon."

From the bathroom, I could hear: "NOBODY EVER PLAYS WITH ME! I'm so TIRED of NOBODY PLAYING WITH ME."


Lesson Learned:
This Mommy had better line up some excursions and playdates next week or this is going to be a loooooonnnngg Spring Break.

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