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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

first week

These hands.
I'm memorizing every wrinkle and crease.

She sleeps with them up by her face. Don't bother trying to swaddle them down....she'll wriggle them right back up.

I'm in a kind of post-partum haze...a blissful haze. I am amazed by this baby. She sleeps. Unlike her brothers, Molly SLEEPS! During the day, when I can stand to put her down, in her swing or bouncy chair. At night, next to me in our bed (don't tell Wisconsin), nearly through the night. She'll wake to eat twice, usually, after we've gone to bed but never fusses or stays awake for long. 

During the day, after a several-hour long nap and a tummy-filling meal, she'll have a quiet, happy, alert time for an hour and a half or so before settling back down to sleep. Each time she's cried (so far, only during an occasional diaper change and baths), the boys come running to her rescue..."It'll be okay, Sweet Girl, your big brother's here."

And are they ever. These boys are smitten.

(And so is she.)

My five-day old baby is SMILING. Such a Happy Baby.

Evan is proudly occupying the Experienced Big Brother role. He has taught Max how to properly hold a baby ("You need to support her head, Max."). He eagerly runs to find burp cloths, baby toys, or a dropped binky. And he just can't get enough of her. He actually says, on an at-least daily basis: "I just can't get enough of that adorable baby." Or, "Just what are we going to do with our gorgeous girl?" 
He's in love.

And Max. 
Oh, sweet still-just-a-baby Max. He's having a more difficult adjustment period. There's still nothing but love for Molly, but he's sad. Really sad and pouty. He misses me, evidenced by his frequent requests for me to "Put Molly in the swing, Mommy, so you can play with two hands." (Which, of course, I do when I can....which, with this baby, is pretty often.) He'll ask that Sam feed Molly instead of me. (Sorry, buddy.) And when I read and snuggle with him before nap or bed, he holds my ear and just stares up at me...as if wondering how long he has me to himself. It's heart-breaking. But he'll be okay. I'm just glad there's never been a request to send the baby back or anything like that. He loves his baby.

This baby.

Lesson Learned:
She's a dream baby. I'm soaking in every minute of her newborn stage. Committing it all to permanent memory. Because nobody has to tell me this time how quickly it goes by...


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