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Monday, January 2, 2012

twenty twelve

I found it really hilarious to read so many Facebook status updates over the last few days that said something like, "Ready to kick some ass in 2012!!!" or "Bring it on, 2012!" In fact, I don't know if I have ever, in the history of my Facebook account, read so many similar statuses...all taunting the New Year to "bring it on" or conversely, alerting 2012 to the fact that people would be "bringing it" to the New Year. It was starting to read like the planning phases of a potluck.

I don't want to kick anyone's or anything's ass this year. And I'm not really sure what is being brought and/or delivered in 2012, but I think I'll stay out of that, too.

For this year, I just want simplicity. And that's easier to ask for than to receive in a year when, within the first seven months alone, we'll be welcoming a new baby, building a new house, selling an old house, packing and moving (just once, please), and traveling more than halfway across the country with three kiddos on two separate occasions.

But simplicity is what I want, and simplicity is what I'm going to work towards.

So, first up: Baby.
I wasn't, as my friend Chris recently pointed out, the World's Easiest Patient while in labor with Max. My body wasn't cooperating (partial placental abruption, baby's decelerating heart rate, contractions that were too intense and too close together to be productive, etc.) with what my mind wanted (a labor and delivery suitable for a Lamaze How-To video, like Evan's was). Luckily, I had a supportive husband and my mom (who had eight babies and eight unmedicated deliveries) in the room with me, wonderful nurses to keep me posted on what was happening with me and the baby, and a doctor who let me bully him into a Plan B when I refused to hear him out on his "We may need to consider a Cesarean Section" line of thought. And, in the end, everything worked out beautifully.

This time around, I'm going to, again, fight for my rights to an unmedicated/non-surgical delivery if all is going smoothly. But if things get scary, I'll keep a more open mind. What do I want this time around? A healthy baby. At any cost to my precious little birth plan.

And once she's here, Simplicity. I'm not setting up a nursery for her until we're in our new house. She'll have her co-sleeper in our room (ha! she'll be in our bed and we all know it) and her tiny little clothes in our closet. We'll haul the baby swing and bouncy chair out of the attic when she needs them. I'll pick up a few new binkies and toss her sleepers and onesies in the wash. Other than that, she already has everything she needs....blankets to be swaddled in, toys for her big brothers to wave in her face, and a ErgoBaby to be carried around in. I'm not feeling the need to wash/disinfect everything in the house this time around (although ask me again when the Nesting Phase sets in in the next few weeks...). And I'm not going to kid myself and sterilize the pump and bottles. She'll be just like her brothers and want/get nothing but Mama. And she'll be just fine.

As for the house we're building: Simplicity. We're designing it from the ground up (with help from floor plans found online and a builder who is as much artist as he is builder). We'll pick out the cabinets, countertops, lighting fixtures, appliances, tile flooring, hardwood flooring, carpeting, cabinet hardware, door knobs, mirrors, towel racks, smoke alarms, door stops, etc. as well as the location of all of these things plus the locations of walls, doors, windows, electrical outlets, light switches, etc. And that's just the interior. It should be pretty simple.

Or, if not simple, at least it's sort of like my DREAM COME TRUE. I've watched enough HGTV over the past decade to know what I like and what I don't like. And luckily, Sam and I are pretty close in our styles and tastes. So, in order to keep this process as simple as possible, we're going to make decisions quickly and not second-guess them once they're made. (And, I'm going to become a Houzz.com addict in the process.)

And then there are the flights....across the country....with two Big Boy veteran fliers and one brand new baby flier....and not just new to flying, but new to Life....and me, white-knuckled, barely breathing, and nearly sick to my stomach. BUT....we're flying to WEDDINGS! Weddings to welcome two wonderful in-laws into our growing family! Wonderful in-laws who are already, for all intents and purposes, In The Family, but with whom we can't wait to celebrate their excellent choices in their spouses! Who doesn't love weddings? I know Max will. He's been working on his Moves since before he was born. I can't WAIT to see him at the receptions. And as long as there are cupcakes, Evan will be in heaven.

As for the packing/moving that may or may not occur more than once, I'm just refusing to think about any of it until our house sells. Which, by the way, I'm also not thinking about.

So, Happy New Year! Go kick some ass or bring something somewhere....or something. I'm just looking forward to a Year to Remember....a year full of Big Time Changes for our family. A Year of Great Things.

Lesson Learned:
Channeling my wise and beautiful late Grandma: I will not sweat the small stuff. I will keep it simple. I will...Let It Be.

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