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Saturday, January 28, 2012

fun with selling a house!


That's the number of showings we've had since listing our house. 25 times that we've cleaned up and cleared out for an hour or more so that people could walk through our house and find things that are wrong with it.

I'm trying hard not to take it personally. I'd be picky about my house-to-be, too. That's why we're building. Again. For the third time. But some of this "feedback" is starting to really irritate me. These prospective buyers have already, one would think, seen our realtor's website of our house before coming through. So they should know that, for instance, we don't have granite countertops. (I know. Can you believe the squalor we must live in?!) If we did have granite, you can bet that on the kitchen page of the website, it would include something to the effect of: Beautiful GRANITE Countertops! But it doesn't say that. It doesn't say: "Like-New Corian Countertops!" It doesn't say ANYthing about the countertops, which, if you've ever seen HGTV for even five minutes should scream at you: THIS KITCHEN HAS LAMINATE COUNTERTOPS. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Somehow, we've managed to survive in this kitchen for over five years. But I understand that, for some people, No Granite is a "Deal-Breaker." Good thing countertops are so easy to upgrade. And look at it this way, now you don't have to live with MY selection....ask for a couple grand off the price and pick out your own damn granite.

It's not just the granite.

We've also been told that, get this: We don't have an all-brick front. I'm shocked. All this time I've been living in a house with SIDING?! For shame.

We don't have "Enough" hard wood flooring.

The sinks in our master bathroom are "too small." (???)

Our (2-car!) garage is too small.

Our hardwood floors have been improperly maintained. (For the record, they look fine to me. Not even scratched. And are you supposed to do more than vacuum them? Who knew?)

And my personal favorite: There are not enough window coverings in the house. What the hell?

And to the poor guy who said he liked the house but he didn't like the neighborhood: You just missed out BIG TIME, buddy. You haven't met my neighbors. I'd pack these people up and bring them with me if I could.

We have had two "serious" offers. Both wanted to steal the house. One wanted us to give them the house and everything in it. I'm pretty sure they would have added "And your firstborn" if their realtor hadn't been there to advise them on proper Contract Offer Etiquette.

A few more people have indicated that they love the house but need to move in before our end-of-June ideal move time. One family wanted to be in by mid-February. We told them that we have a few things going on around then.

Lesson Learned:
I'm ready for this to be over. I've tried hard not to whine about it (although there are a select few who would say that I may not be trying hard enough), but I'm ready to sign a contract and have this part of the process behind us. I'm ready to have nothing to look forward to but getting settled in the new house.



  1. Coming across stressful things are just normal when you are trying to put your house in the market. Of course, these prospective buyers really want to make sure that they’ll pick a very good one, so they can’t help but ask a lot of questions regarding your house. As much as possible, be willing to compromise with the buyers. Try to listen to their demands, but you also have to think very carefully if you can settle with it.

    1. You're right. Luckily, we found a buyer who was great to work with and we didn't have to make too many compromises. It's just a lot easier to see that now that the process is over and we're happy in our new home! :) Thanks for reading!

  2. I agree! It’s never an easy task to market your own home, using your own social skills. But then again, customers are always right. Just bear with them and be patient. It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to meet different people, so you might as well enjoy the chance. Anyway, hiring a realtor to do the job is certainly the best move to save you from further stress! By the way, congrats! Your house has a new owner!

    -Kathrine Landau