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Thursday, January 12, 2012

dragon lady

I'm not really into Western Astrology. Partly because it's astrology, but mostly because Every Single Time I read my horoscope, it's wrong. In fact, the one time it was Dead On, I cut it out of the paper and carried it around in my wallet for more than a year. True story. I'm a Scorpio. Only, I'm So Not a Scorpio. I think I should have been born a week later, which would have made me a Sagittarius. And, it would have made my birthday 11/23, which are those numbers that always seem to pop up for me (for instance, I look at the clock and see 11:23 more often than 11:22 or 11:24 by a factor of, like, a million).


So I've never put much stock in Astrology in general, until I became pregnant with Evan. It started with a co-worker who stopped me in the hallway at school: "You're going to be such a lucky Mommy!" she began, "He's going to be a Golden Pig! But not just ANY Golden Pig....a Golden FIRE Pig! ...According to the Chinese Zodiac! ....It only happens once every 600 years!!" Curious, I looked into it after work. As it turned out, she was right: The Year of the Pig, as is true for all signs of the Chinese Zodiac, cycles through every 12 years. But the sign of the Pig, combined with the elemental sign of Fire, and the yin/yang oppositional forces, happens only once every six CENTURIES. (And the 2007 Baby Boom in China proves it...)

Evan was going to be my Golden Piglet. He would live a charmed life of comfort and wealth, with luck always by his side. He would be exceedingly intelligent with an insatiable curiosity. He would be sensitive and wise beyond his years. He would be a diligent worker, compassionate, and honest. He would be a giver. He would thrive in the company of others and provide entertainment for those around him. He would be a Leader. There are negative traits associated with this sign, of course; laziness, over-indulgence in food/drink, and a reluctance to ask for help, but overall, this was a Very Auspicious Sign to be born under. And my First Baby was going to be One Lucky Golden Piggy. My interest in this Eastern Astrology was piqued.

And so I looked up my own Chinese Zodiac sign. As it turns out, I'm a Sheep (or Goat). I'm creative, dependable, intelligent, and calm. I'm a natural nurturer. I'm comfortable being alone, left to ponder the workings of my over-active mind. My favorite place to be is at home. I don't need fancy or elaborate furnishings, just some comfortable pieces with touches of beauty through art or natural elements. A suitable career choice for a Sheep? A teacher of early-childhood education.

Yeah. I'm a sheep.

And then there was Max. And wouldn't you know it... My Wild Thing? My Independent, Persistent, "I do it myself!" Bull in a China Shop? He's an Ox. Max is hard-working and determined. Confident and tolerant. He'll listen to the opinions of others but, ultimately, make his own decisions. He'll prefer the companionship of close, life-long friends to hordes of casual acquaintances. He'll find his path and stay on it until he's reached his goal. He won't take short-cuts, knowing that the only job worth doing is a job done well. He'll be steady. Even. Reliable. Strong.

But Molly? Oh, boy. Provided that this babe stays put until January 23 or later, she's my Dragon Lady. Passionate, brave, and self-assured, she'll easily find her place next to her two big brothers. She'll be smart and enterprising with a quick wit and a sharp tongue. She'll be a risk-taker, enthusiastic, and wickedly funny. She'll have a natural flair for fashion, style, and beauty. She'll be overly generous with her resources and she'll leap before she looks. She'll be fiery and brazen, but in good fortune. In 2012, the elemental sign is Water. This can calm the Dragon and soften some of her dramatic tendencies. She'll be more open to the opinions of others, allowing her natural charisma to shine through. And shine she will. Bright and bold and beautiful.

I can't wait to meet my little dragon lady. Less than six weeks!

Lesson Learned:
Famous Pigs: Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg. David Letterman, Elton John, Hemingway. Kevin Spacey. Snoop Dogg.
Famous Oxen: Barack Obama. Van Gogh and Picasso. Bach and Springsteen.
Famous Dragons: The only one that matters: John Lennon

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