"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Friday, December 30, 2011


On Christmas morning, Evan ran into our room at about 6:15 (not bad at all) and woke us up with an excited: "Let's go see if Santa ate up his cookies!" .... and maybe brought you millions of new toys? Max, who had started rolling around and talking to his buddies in his crib about five minutes before, was quickly brought up to speed that it was, at last, Christmas morning: "Woohoo!" he cried, "Let's go find Bear Ticklish!" ....uh, he's back at the North Pole with Santa, buddy. Am I the only one who is practically jumping up and down in anticipation of The Discovery Of The Loot??

That all changed, of course, once we rounded the corner at the bottom of the stairs. Max first spied his trampoline....

...and stayed right there for most of the morning. In addition to jumping, during which he repeated over and over, "Look! Look! I'm getting bigger and bigger and bigger! I'm JUMPING!" he used the bar as a monkey swing...

...during which he commanded: "Watch me, my family of monkeys! I'm swinging on my monkey swing!" And we all had to, of course, stop what we were doing, watch him swing, and respond, "Ooh Ooh Ooh, Aah Aah! Good swinging, Little Monkey!"

Evan's immediate favorite was the Samurai Ninja Castle. This was a last minute switch on Santa's part, who had originally chosen the Bat Cave for him. At Target, about a week before Christmas, though, Evan ran up to the Samurai castle and started waxing poetic about it's Coolness. I showed him the Bat Cave and casually suggested that it (with it's fully functioning elevator and Top Secret Entrance!) was pretty awesome, too. "Yeah, I guess so," Evan admitted, "but this Ninja castle is...So....So....Cool." So a quick, coded call to Santa's helper later, and the switch was made.

....and I'm so glad we did. He LOVES the thing. It's been the first toy, really, that he'll play with, totally independently, for an extended amount of time. It's pretty amusing to watch him play with it, though...as he has No Idea what a Ninja or a Samurai actually is. He uses the zipline and the glider features...and occasionally the "Samurai Disc Blaster" as a "Pizza Thrower." Other than that, though, there's a lot of: "Can I come into your castle? No, you may not. And if you try, I'll bonk you down with my Ninja Glider! Ah HA HA HA HA!" 

But beyond the first faves, I must say that this was pretty much a Home Run Christmas. EVERYthing was played with....even if it did take Evan about three hours to open each of his gifts.

And, now that we're home from our post-Christmas trip to visit family, we're rediscovering the joys of the Christmas Loot all over again.

And Magic? Yup, there was that.....when Evan opened up THE Police Crane Rescue Truck, he just stared at it for a minute....then turned to me (who was, of course, ready and aiming the camera)...

....and then he said, "Do you think Santa snuck into Target and got this for me?"

Lesson Learned:
We did have our moments of Too Much Holiday, to be sure. Like when Max split his forehead open on the dining room chair during Christmas dinner (and kept a goose egg bruise to show off for the next few days). And the fact that neither boy slept from the hours of 2-4/5 AM either night we spent (all in the same room) at my parents' house. Or that one time (or dozens of times) that there was pouting and/or tears when the Christmas Cookie Quota had been reached for a particular day. And then there was that Oh-No-He-Didn't moment when Evan suggested that I "knock it off." Oh, yes he did. But I have a feeling that'll be the last time he try out that phrase on his Mommy.

But in all, it was the most Wonderful Time of the Year. It was busy, over-sugared, under-rested, over-stimulated, and Everything I hoped it would be.

And now the decorations are all put away, the toys have found their new homes, and I'm ready for a good night's sleep.

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