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Thursday, December 15, 2011

movin' right along

The sign makes it official.

We're moving.

And I'm So Excited about it. We're heading to a small town outside of a small city close to where we are now. I've lived there before and have wanted to return for a long time. Forever?

We chose this. Where we live now is where Sam grew up. I moved here after we became engaged and moved immediately into the safety net of having my fiance, my sister, and my brother-in-law here. It's always been comfortable, but it hasn't ever really felt like home. I don't know if our new city will feel like home right away, but since it's where we plan to raise our family, it will Become Home. And until it feels like Home, it will feel like an adventure. An adventure we're embarking on as a Family....without a safety net of built-in friends and family...Just Us. And that feels right.

We're so fortunate....Sam will continue to work for the same company: they have generously agreed to allow him to work remotely, although he won't work from home. I don't think he'd get anything done with two little "Chase me, Daddy!" boys aware of the fact that he was just behind a closed door. And I think I'd probably take advantage, too: "Can you just keep an ear open while I run to the post office really quickly?" So he'll rent office space nearby. Goodbye forty minute commute!

This move is a good thing.

It will be.

Right now, though, it feels a little bit like I became a crazy person at some point in the last few months and started making decisions for rational me....Making decisions disregarding the fact that I have a very sensitive little boy who is going to start kindergarten in the fall (big change) and who doesn't very well like Big Changes. Add "Moving To A New House In A New City" to "Starting Kindergarten" and we may have two crazy people in the family. But moving now, before Kindergarten, is definitely better than delaying this Big Change until after he becomes settled in school.

But I'm also sort of putting out of my head the fact that we have a very tight window of time for this move to be even a little bit convenient. We want to stay where we are until Evan finishes preschool (early June), but we want to be settled in the new place before Evan starts Kindergarten Camp in early July. We also will be traveling across the country in July to attend my brother's wedding (yay!). AND...we're building the new house...so...well, I'm trying to be optimistic. I really don't want to move twice, but at some point I may need to consider this possibility.

And I'm DEFINITELY in denial over the fact that, at some point, in the middle of showing the house, selling the house, building a new house, packing and moving (maybe, gulp, more than once)....I'M GOING TO HAVE A BABY. And then once Molly is here, I'll have a newborn. And a big boy who's going to need a lot of patience, reassurance, compassion, and support. AND a tornado-two-year old.

Oh, my.

Lesson Learned:
But this is a GOOD THING. We're HAPPY about this move. Seriously. Things will be crazy for a bit, but then it will be over. And when it's over, we'll be settled. We'll be raising our children in a place that we chose, not out of convenience or familiarity, but on purpose. Because the people are good, the schools are great, and the natural beauty of the place is breathtaking. Seriously: there's an apple/peach orchard less than ten minutes from our house. As you drive into our neighborhood, you see the houses nestled in a little valley with the mountains rising in the background. And our house? It's going to be amazing. Our Forever House.

So let the crazy begin!

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