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Saturday, November 26, 2011

thanks, and...the return of Bear Ticklish

This weekend, we were thankful for...




aunts and uncles, 

fall leaves,

and more aunts and uncles.

We were thankful for "All the trucks," (Evan) and "Treats," (Max) when my mini-me Evan required everyone around the Thanksgiving table to say their Thanks. And we were thankful for new opportunities, a healthy pregnancy, and family. Always family. We're lucky to have spent time with my family on Thanksgiving and then an afternoon and evening with Sam's family today on our way back into town.

And it was perfect.

And then....the icing on the cake (whipped cream on the pie?):

As we drove home from Sam's parents' house tonight, we noticed that a lot of people have already put up their Christmas decorations. "I wish we already had our Christmas decorations up," Evan lamented. "We will soon, buddy," I assured him, "We haven't put them up yet because we've been out of town. Now that Thanksgiving is over, though, it'll be fun to get out all of our decorations over the next few days."

"I don't want to wait a few days. I wish we could decorate tomorrow."

"Maybe we can! All of our decorations are up in the attic. Daddy can easily get them down for us."

There was a brief discussion of how Molly, in my "big, fat belly," could help me carry down the bins, and then we were home.

And we saw this:

ALL of our CHRISTMAS DECORATION BINS!!! Somehow, they had MAGICALLY come down from the attic ALL BY THEMSELVES!!!

On closer inspection:

It was BEAR TICKLISH! Our Elf on a Shelf had thoughtfully brought our bins down from the attic when he returned to our house from the North Pole! (He didn't want Mommy and Molly to have to carry them, Evan supposed.)

It was Magical. It was perfect. I couldn't have scripted it better if it had been in a movie. Evan stood, jaw dropped, staring at him. He's been questioning lately, "I know, Mom...but is Santa really real?" And this was all the answer he needed. Christmas is Real. Bear Ticklish is Real. Santa is Real. Magic Really Happens.

Max, although fuzzy on the whole "Bear Ticklish" thing before this weekend, was quickly brought up to speed when we watched "An Elf's Story" on CBS last night. He immediately knew to look in awe and to Not Touch when he saw our Elf tonight. 

We spent a few minutes thanking Bear Ticklish for bringing down our decorations from the attic, and a few more thanking him for coming back to visit us. Evan, when he regained his ability to speak coherently, asked him to please deliver his Letter to Santa. Max, wanting equal representation, ran to the counter and grabbed a Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey picture he made last week and asked Bear Ticklish to please deliver IT to Santa.

And then, the boys blew him kisses, wished him a safe journey back to the North Pole tonight, and went up to bed.

Lesson Learned:
This is going to be the Best. Christmas. Ever.

And Bear Ticklish is going to have a lot to do with that. I'll post periodic updates (weekly?) about our Elf's shenanigans with pictures of the hijinks he gets into this year. In the meantime, feel free to share your own suggestions for our Elf on a Shelf....we're always looking for new ideas, and we have a lot of nights of Elfing between now and Christmas...

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