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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Evan, my won't-pick-up-a-pencil kid, did this today:

If you can't read it, it says, "DER SNTU, I LIC THE POLS CRN RSQ TRUC. LOVE, EVAN" Or, "Dear Santa, I like the police crane rescue truck. Love, Evan."

OMG, right? 

This kid can do anything.....with the right motivation.

Today, the motivation was a $6 Tonka truck in the Target toy aisle. He coveted the thing. But we wouldn't buy it for him. Not even after he offered to use his own money. But he talked about that silly little truck the entire rest of our Target trip. EVEN through the highly-distractable Christmas decoration section.

And then, as we were browsing through the books and movies, it dawned on him: "I can ask Santa for the Police Crane Rescue Truck!" 

"That's a great idea, buddy!" I agreed, "You could even tell Bear Ticklish about it. He can deliver the message to Santa." (Aside: Bear Ticklish is our "Elf on a Shelf" Elf. Yup. BEAR. TICKLISH. Named by the same child who once had a fish named Training Pants.)

"OR..." Evan thought aloud, "I could WRITE a letter to Santa! Bear Ticklish can deliver it to Santa!"

And so he did.

I gave him word lines to help with word spacing, and I modeled how to write some of the trickier letters, but the phonics? He sounded every one of those words out all on his own.

He even drew a picture.

Lesson Learned: 

"So do you think Santa will know which truck I mean?" he asked when he was finished with his letter.
"He sure will," I reassured....because Santa has very strict orders to return to Target on his way home from work tomorrow to buy that Police Crane Rescue Truck.

And Evan's letter to Santa is going to get wrapped up with the truck with a response: "Thank you for your letter, Evan. Bear Ticklish delivered it to me so I would know exactly which truck you wanted. I know you'll have fun playing with it! Love, Santa."

Christmas is so magical.

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