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Monday, November 28, 2011

make-your-own felt Christmas tree

Oohhhhhhhh, Pinterest. 

As much as you waste my time and fill my to-do list with things I'll never actually do....I still love you. Because of things like this...

So here's what you need:
*1 yard green felt (the fabric is folded in half on the bolt so this will give you enough for two trees...but definitely get a full yard, a half would yield a skinny Charlie Brown tree.)
*sheets of colored felt (I found some 9"x12" sheets in a ton of colors at Hobby Lobby that 25 cents each...I think I bought 7 sheets, which, at about 6 ornaments per sheet, made plenty of ornaments for two trees.)
*glue gun
*ornament-shape templates (I used cookie cutters, you could free-hand them or print something out, I'm sure.)

Step 1: Trace your ornament shapes onto the colored sheets of felt.
Step 2: Cut them out.
Step 3: Using the scraps left over from cutting out the ornaments, decorate them. Use the glue gun to adhere the stripes and squiggles to the ornaments.
Step 4: Cut out a Christmas Tree shape (or two) from the large sheet of felt.
Step 5: Let the kiddos play!

Lesson Learned:
For LESS than $9 and in LESS than 2 hours, I made two of these great play-with-able decorations. (I gave the other set to my sister's kids in exchange for some crafting she's doing for me at her sewing machine this holiday season....) It's worth the money and time. So stop pinning and start DOING.

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