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Sunday, October 9, 2011

a Mickey Mouse birthday party!

Max and I were sitting on the beach in August making sand "birthday cakes," complete with seaweed "sprinkles" and sea oat "candles," singing Happy Birthday and making wishes over and over and over, when I said to him, "You know, YOU have a REAL birthday coming up pretty soon. What kind of cake do you want for your party?" Without even pausing to consider his options, Max announced, "MICKEY MOUSE CUPCAKES!!" and promptly began jumping up and down and clapping.

And so, today, two days before my Big Boy turns two, we had a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

Just about the WHOLE family was able to come (we missed you Matt, Megan, Emily, Meredith, Lyder, Kelly, and Steven!---Yes, even with seven absent, it was a full house. These boys are so lucky to have such a big family to help them celebrate their Big Days...). Max helped design the lunch menu (Mickey-shaped chicken nuggets, strawberries, grapes, and chips with guacamole).

And then, it was time for presents! (Evan did a great job "letting" Max open "his" birthday presents...although there were lots of squeals of delight coming from Evan when Max opened "his" remote control car, tow truck, and Mickey Mouse vehicles. And some pouting when Max was allowed to play with the toy first. And maybe even a slip once or twice in which Evan said, "I love my new tow truck!".....but, for the most part, he did great.)

And Max loved every bit of it. He's somehow already mastered the art of spending just enough time with each gift to demonstrate genuine gratitude while not taking so long that the guests become bored. He'll be a pro by his wedding shower.

And, of COURSE, there were Mickey cupcakes. I scoured Pinterest for ideas for these babies, but in the end went with my own design (way easier...just big and little Oreos, twisted apart and plopped onto frosting. I figured, "He's two. These look like Mickey. He'll be happy.")

But then the singing started, and the Happy Party Guy suddenly wasn't...was he embarrassed? We've been role-playing "Birthday Party" for months now with his Melissa and Doug Birthday cake set...but there were no smiles or clapping during the entire song....

As it turned out, he didn't actually want to EAT the Mickey cupcake he's been talking about since August. He wanted the one with the chocolate frosting and sprinkles.

Oh, well. He didn't blow out his own candles, but at least he ate a cupcake at his own birthday party!

(And the ENTIRE time he ate that chocolate-frosted cupcake, he said, "I LOVE blowing out MY candles at MY Mickey Birthday party!" Um? Okay......)

And, the Mickey cupcakes were enjoyed by the others. 

It was a great day.

Lesson Learned:
Max has been acting 2 for awhile now. But now that the big day is just about here, I CAN'T BELIEVE my baby is two years old. SLOW DOWN, TIME!!!

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