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Friday, October 21, 2011

he draws

Evan is a Tool Man. He is a builder. He is a truck driver. He is an animal rescuer. He is a natural scientist and an "Experiment Maker." He is an imaginer. He is a story teller. 

But Evan is not an artist. 

It took me awhile (four and a half years?) to get used to this difference between us. I am a doodler by nature and I best express myself on paper (or computer). It was hard for me to understand why a child wouldn't naturally want to color or doodle or just simply put marker to paper. But Evan just didn't. 

I wasn't concerned about his apparent lack of the Artist Gene....he certainly expresses himself very creatively in other ways...but I was growing concerned about his fine motor development. Sure, he has a lot of practice on a daily basis manipulating small objects, etc., but there are important pre-writing skills that just need to be developed with writing instrument in hand. Would he be able to keep up with the rigors of kindergarten without having those skills developed? (And I can't believe that I, again, had to write the words "rigor" and "kindergarten" in the same sentence.)

But, in true Evan fashion, his time came.

Several weeks ago, Evan greeted us in his preschool classroom with a surprise. "Close your eyes, Max! I drew you a picture!" I gasped. Audibly. It was the first time, the FIRST TIME, he has ever drawn a picture without me forcing encouraging him to. Max clapped in anticipation of the gift to come.

It's a picture of Max.
Notice the attention to detail: the ears, the hair, the shoes on the feet. "And are those Max's eyebrows?" I asked, pointing. "Nope," he said, "Those are his windshield wipers." He pointed his fingers down over his eyes and swished them back and forth, "EE oo, EE oo, EE oo."

We were so stunned, so impressed by this gift that we laid it on pretty thick. We hung the picture on the fridge and admired it often. And so...the drawings have continued to come home from school (he still has zero interest in our own fully-stocked art cabinet, but, whatever). 

This one is an excavator. You can tell by the caterpillar treads:

And this is a Shark Submarine. It's a research vessel that uses shark powers to travel to the deepest part of the oceans to study whales (shown in pink).

And then there have been teacher-directed art projects. This one is my favorite, and is STILL hanging on the fridge.

He was in charge of the cutting, gluing, and !!! FINGER PAINTING.

Lesson Learned:
Progress! I am LOVING watching this kid take his time and find his stride. Because he Always. Does.

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