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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

preschool diaries: here we go again. Gulp.

Okay. So, we apparently have issues with starting school. Last year, the Big First Day was postponed because of Evan's missing kneecap. Today's Open House was missed because of an illness double-whammy at our house. Evan is dealing with yet another round of a fever virus and Max has a barking cough that I'm afraid is going to settle in for yet another round of bronchiolitis. In to the doctor we go, first thing tomorrow.

But first...
Isn't it really interesting that EVERY time Evan gets sick, whether it's an ear infection, strep throat, or just a random virus, that it presents as a really high fever? And isn't it strange that EVERY time Max gets sick, it settles into his lungs and develops into RSV or bronchiolitis? I think it's really true that kids have their immune system weak points. I remember it very clearly from growing up in a family of eight kids. One of my sisters always got strep throat; a brother contracted pneumonia every single winter; another brother was The Puker; and me, I was the kid with the stomachaches. (But they were psychosomatic. I had school anxiety. Some things never change, huh?)

And the apple doesn't fall too far, does it? So could it be that Evan's fevers are psychosomatic, too? I mean, probably not in this case....Max is clearly fighting something pretty hard, too, which indicates that they both got hit with the same bug. But Evan gets sick either before or after just about every life transition he encounters. He's been sick immediately before or following every vacation we've ever taken. He struggled with the post-Christmas return-to-school with fever viruses striking every three weeks or so for MONTHS. It just makes me wonder....

Anyway. Back to school!

I'm excited for him...I think he's really ready this year. He's been talking a lot about what he wants to learn in school. (Animals. It's all about animals. In his latest imaginary world, he has been cast as An Animal Rescuer who travels the globe saving animals in danger--from environmental woes, poachers, accidents, and, sometimes, even their own rascally hijinx.) And he seems legitimately excited to talk about school...as long as we don't talk about riding the bus on field trips, the fact that school will be providing the snacks this year, the art or handwriting centers, or, well, really anything other than what he'll be learning about.

But, damn. I'm going to miss him.

Last year was tough for me, and he was only away for six hours a week. This year, he'll be At School from 9:30-3, THREE days a week. Gulp.

We chose this. We want this for him. He will benefit from this, not only this year, but in thinking of it as preparation for Kindergarten. But it's a lot. And it's going to be hard....because he's my buddy. And I'm going to miss him.

This is going to give Max and I some really good together time before the baby arrives. My little Maxwell, who is happy to go along with whatever Evan dictates just about all the time, is finally going to have a chance to be the decision maker. And Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are going to be all about him. (And the grocery store and Target, but for the most part, it'll be Max's choice.)

Deep breaths. Relax. We have one more week. Let's get healthy and make the most of these last few days of summer...

Lesson Learned:
Does the first day of school EVER get easier? I mean, for the mommy...


  1. Just so you know, Tate always reacted like Evan is to any allergen I accidentally gave him. And both of my kids are SO overly prone to bronchiolitis. I hate that someone else has to go through this, but these cool nights are SO hard on little lungs that already struggle too. :( Hang in there. So excited to Ev to go to school! Guess that means I better get my teacher act together because that means I'm getting students soon too!

  2. Oh! I didn't even THINK of the temperature shift! And it was a dramatic one....I think you nailed it, Molly. :) Do you guys FINALLY have your power back on ?! Good luck with your new group of littles this year!