"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e e cummings

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

all you need is *more* love

As we sat down to eat dinner the other night, Max spotted the sliced olives topping my pasta and began shouting: "Oliees! Max's pwate! Oliees Max's pwate NOW! Peeeees OLIEES!" So, I stood up to get some olives for Max's plate. Now. Evan asked what I was doing.

"Max wants olives on his pasta just like me. Max likes olives," I said.
"I think Max likes you, Mommy."
"Well, I sure hope so, buddy. I love Max."
"I like you, Mommy."
"I'm so glad that you do, Ev. I LOVE you."

And then it started....as it does every few weeks.....the I Love You More Debate. We have an adorable board book, I Love You More, that a friend gave to Max when he was born. It's the story of a Mom and a little boy deciding who loves whom more. "I love you higher than the highest bird ever flew." "I love you taller than the tallest tree ever grew," etc.  It makes a perfect baby gift. The recipient will read it over and over and over to her babies. I promise.

Every so often, after one of us has said, "I love you," Evan begins to come up with his own version of the story...to which we, of course, add our own....each of us trying to out-love the last. He's getting pretty creative.....here are some of my favorites of Evan's contributions:

I love you farther than the farthest away star.
I love you bigger than the biggest planet.
I love you deeper than the deepest hole.
I love you faster than the fastest jet.
I love you bigger than the biggest ocean.
I love you stronger than the strongest bulldozer.
I love you louder than the loudest thunder boom.
I love you bigger than the biggest skyscraper.
I love you higher than a really tall tree can reach.
I love you faster than the fastest cheetah.
I love you sweeter than the sweetest song a bird sings.
I love you more powerful than the most powerful elk.

You know what, kiddo? I love you more.

Lesson Learned:
And I'm filing this away for those moments (like this morning) (and this evening) when I need a reminder of the sweetness that IS always there behind the whiny stubbornness.

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