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Monday, July 25, 2011

harvest time!

So we may be well into (nearing the end of) July....but, we're okay with that. We're all about slow and steady progress around here. Over the last few weeks, we've been reaping what we...sowed? Sown? Had sown? Planted. We've been picking and eating what we planted.

(We've been picking basil and baby strawberries for longer...but they haven't been as exciting to photo-document.)

Have you ever seen a cucumber in the middle of growing? I hadn't. I would have imagined a tiny cucumber that gets bigger all over. But nope, it gets fat at one end before the other end has even really started to grow. Weird.

The sweetest cherry tomatoes I've ever tasted.

Evan likes how they smell, not taste. Max likes his dipped in ranch dressing.

Is this a country fair blue-ribbon winner or WHAT?!

The cucumber is pretty impressive, too.

Lesson Learned:
Best. Mother's. Day. Present. EVER.

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