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Sunday, July 31, 2011

give the baby what the baby wants

Well, it's official. I can now record in Baby #3's Baby Book what I Officially Craved during my pregnancy: Soup and Bagels. Yup, hot soup. In 100-degree July, the only thing this baby wants is hot soup. And bagels....topped with anything....cream cheese and cukes being the current favorite, mostly due to a plethora of home-grown cucumbers pouring out of our garden.....or left plain and dipped in some hot soup.

I picked up two take-home containers of Panera soup today (along with a dozen bagels, of course). Ate the broccoli cheddar right away (my head convinced my stomach to leave the creamy tomato in the fridge for tomorrow's fix), but that wasn't enough. So I made some more soup for dinner.

I first had this vegetarian "chili" at the beach. My mom had made a ton of it...and I ate just about all of it. Since the beach, I have made it twice, each time tweaking it to fit what I had on hand. That's the best part about this soup....it's a dump all the veggies you have in the house/garden sort of soup.

So here's the recipe:
(And even if you're not pregnant, it's really quite delicious on a summer evening....because it's meatless, it's not at all heavy. And it's super-fast to throw together.....just be sure to throw it together an hour or so before you plan to eat it).

one onion
one each green, yellow, red bell pepper (if you like that many peppers, if not, cut it back)
2-3 yellow or zucchini squash, or both
carrots (baby or chopped conventional)
peas, corn, spinach, whatever you like
2-3 cans of beans (drained and rinsed)....our favorite, because Max is a Garbanzo Boy, is two cans of black beans and one can of chickpeas....kidney beans make it more "chili" chili
3-4 14.5-oz cans diced tomatoes (start with three and if you've chopped up too many veggies, add another)

Chop the veggies and let them soften in a big pot in some olive oil. Add the beans and tomatoes and stir it up. Sprinkle some chili spices....I don't really measure here, so bear with me....I add some cumin (a couple of teaspoons?), yellow curry (less than a teaspoon?), a few shakes of crushed red pepper, I add some coriander, too, but I don't think that's a typical chili spice. I just like it. Stir in the spices and cover the pot. Let simmer for about an hour.

Sprinkle with cheese. Serve with your favorite crusty bread. (Or bagel.)

Lesson Learned:
Mmmmmmmmm.......summertime soup.

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  1. well, I must say I ate my weight in bagels when pregnant with Story..so maybe this is a baby girl Harris! :)