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Friday, June 10, 2011

marking time

 Evan is at that age where he is obsessed with When? and How Many Days Until? and But a Week is SOOOOOO LOOOONNNNNGGGGG.

And this is about everything....When are we going to see Mom Mom and Pop? When will I be 5? When can we go to Red Robin again? When does school start? How long are the cousins staying? When are we going to the beach? This is the big one. I field this question on a nearly daily basis. Because a week feels like forever....imagine the concept of a month. Too big to bear.

So we made a visual aid...

A paper chain made with beach-themed scrapbooking paper to help us count down the days until we're back in the Carolina State of Mind....basking in the sun....chasing a sandy runaway baby down the shore....digging and scooping and shoveling to our hearts content....Coronas every day at Quiet Time and S'mores for dessert every night....my kind of livin'.

Lesson Learned:
It doesn't matter if you're 4 or 31: A 30-link chain, counting down to the beach, is SOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG.

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