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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

huge, HUGE, news

Evan decided to get rid of the binkies tonight.

Yes, he's FOUR, but this is a practical MIRACLE. And if you're judging on the 4-year old With Binky Issue right now, then it's because you clearly have never had a child who Does Not Sleep. So stop judging and just be thankful. Because ohmygod have those binkies been a life-saver....or a sanity-saver at the very least.

Here's how it went down:
We had a rocky day as a result of a near all-nighter pulled by the 4-year old. He was cranky, impulsive, too rough, and just plain....tired. So, as we were getting the boys ready for bath, I had the It Was a Bad Day But Tomorrow Will Be Better Lecture/Pep Talk. I concluded with, "I think it was especially hard to make good decisions today because your body and your mind were so tired. You didn't get a good night's sleep last night."

And then as an afterthought:
"And, I'm just saying: You don't NEED your binkies to have a good night's sleep anymore. You're so big. You're four. Maybe it's time that we send your binkies to a baby that doesn't have any binkies."

He looked at me for slightly longer than a contemplative beat and said, "Well, alright."

WHAT?! Really?

Before the momentum dissipated, I grabbed a box, let Evan give them one last kiss and hug, and had him toss the binkies into the box. We taped it up and addressed it to the hospital where the boys were born. We added a note that read:

"Attn: Please deliver these binkies to a baby who does not have any binkies."


Kind of.

There were some sad musings...."I'm just sad that I'm saying goodbye to my binkies." "I guess it's a happy thing to give my binkies to a new baby....but I'm still pretty sad."

But after tickling his back for a slightly extra long time, he fell asleep...with just his three bedtime buddies, his tiger "Tigee," his snake "Snakee," and his bear "Buddy."

Lesson Learned:
This is where we were in March of last year. We've BOTH come a long way, baby.

Fingers crossed, but I'm extremely optimistic for yet another milestone reached.....and I reeeeeeealllllyy hope we ALL get a good night's sleep tonight.

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