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Sunday, May 29, 2011

sun catchers/"stained glass"

Here's another great idea from The Artful Parent....

Start with some contact paper, sticky side up, attached to a table or window, and some tissue paper or other materials. Because this was our first attempt, we kept it simple. 

Have your little one cut or tear the tissue paper into small-ish pieces and apply them to the contact paper. Let your kiddo decide how much "color" is enough...blank spaces are welcome. Overlapping paper is great!

Max had trouble with the concept of "little pieces," so I helped him tear bits before giving him the contact paper.

Evan did great with the tearing....but, always the Tool Man, decided a hammer would do the job of applying the tissue paper to the contact paper nicely. 

Whatever gets him to the Art Table, that's my motto these days. You want to wear a toolbelt? Use a hammer to create your art? Sure!

When your artist is satisfied with his creation, put another piece of contact paper on top and trim the edges as you like. Then, hang it up in a sunny spot!

Lesson Learned:
These would be so easy to customize for each holiday...hearts...Easter eggs....American flags...jack-o-lanterns....fall leaves....Christmas Trees....etc. I am definitely coming back to this one.....

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