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Thursday, May 19, 2011

outdoor art

If you're not reading The Artful Parent, then you should be. I saw this idea a few weeks back and knew it would be a hit with the boys. It was!

We "spray painted" a sheet....Jean, the Artful Parent, used liquid watercolors, I think, on a painter's canvas drop cloth. We used water with food coloring on a lonely old cotton flat sheet that had lost it's fitted partner long ago. 

Mr. Hollywood Considers His Art

The guys mixed some colors...

Then had Drip Races...

And I was pretty happy that we had gone with the food coloring over the paint when Max decided to give himself a green goatee.

It was a beautiful day for outdoor art...

 And as much fun as the Process was...I'm also pretty impressed by the Product...

The boys loved watching their "painting" change as the colors seeped together and dried. It really was a cool, right-before-your-eyes tie-dye effect.

 Lesson Learned:
We'll DEFINITELY be doing this one again. Will the rain erase our canvas and let us start fresh? I'm not sure. Maybe we'll see what a second layer of color looks like....or just buy a lot of sheets.

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