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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

making magic...

My sister and her family are staying with us for a few weeks. They sold their house, which is perfectly located right around the corner from us, and are moving way too far away. They wanted their biggest boy to be able to finish out his kindergarten school year, though, so for now, they are here.

And we are loving it. And we are Not Talking About the move. There were tears today when we saw the moving truck parked at their house. Evan's. (And mine.)

But for now, they are here! And with them is their big girl, Olivia, who is the most art-loving child I have ever known. I have been giddy with anticipation over their arrival because I couldn't WAIT to have SOMEone in this house who would be a willing participant in my art projects.

For today's project, we made some amazing printed paper with just three ingredients: shaving cream, food coloring, and.....Magic! As we were setting up, Olivia suggested that I read the instructions. "Oh, don't worry," I said, "I know how to do this." (I'd actually never done this before. Fingers crossed for project success!)

First, squirt some shaving cream onto a baking pan (raised sides on the pan contains the mess).

Next, drip some food coloring drops onto the shaving cream...

Then, using a chopstick, or some similar tool, swirl your colors around.

Now it's time for the magic. Find your secret stash (mine was behind my ear, Evan's was in this hand, Olivia's was in her brain) and sprinkle it on the shaving cream and colors. Olivia was concerned about this step. "What if I don't really have magic?"  "You do," I assured her. "But what if it doesn't work?" "Well, if the paper looks magically beautiful when we're done, then your magic works!" (At this point, I was really hoping that the project would work...I'd never done it before and now I'd just gone and bet Olivia's magic on this project that didn't even come with instructions.)

Place a piece of card stock on the shaving cream and press lightly. Then, peel it off...

(The leftover shaving cream in the pan looks pretty magical....)

For the last step, we used spatulas....if you have a squeegee, that would probably be better. Take your spatula and scrape the shaving cream off of the paper...




Lesson Learned:
This was a Fabulous project. Evan loved it....and....get ready for this....after we finished with the paper-printing....he PLAYED WITH SHAVING CREAM. This is huge. A first. A Huge First. I'm so proud of my big boy.

And my little boy...

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