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Friday, May 20, 2011

holiday garlands

I had seen this idea for a super cute and easy heart garland that I knew I wanted to try before next Valentine's Day. (Not very ambitious of me, I know.) It requires a heart-shaped hole-punch, though, (which I don't have and would need to spend $9.99 on, according to Michael's) or lots of cutting. I had scrapped the idea until I saw these on a little shelf at the end of an aisle in Michael's:

And these!

They were 99 cents a bag and then on clearance for 40% off. 
So, they were practically free.

I brought them home, found a needle and thread, and got to garlanding...

Lesson Learned:
So, for under six bucks I have new holiday decorations to pull out next Valentine's Day and Easter.  And I made them myself!

I just hope I remember them NINE MONTHS from now when I actually need them....

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