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Monday, May 9, 2011


We had so much fun making our tie-dyed Earths the other day that we decided to give it another go...this time, we made butterflies!

Start by coloring round coffee filters with washable markers. (I made about a dozen of these for Evan's two and Max's 1/2 of one. Maybe someday my kids will turn crafty. [sigh])

Evan was happy to be the Spray Guy.

After they dry, gather together some pipe cleaners...

To turn them into butterflies, bend the pipe cleaner into a V and pinch the coffee filter in the middle.

Evan did great with the V-bending, but had some trouble with the pinching. He kept rolling the coffee filter up instead of pinching it. He'd look at it each time and say, "Awwwwww, MAN! Not again!" He kept trying, though!

Once pinched, slide the filter into the V and twist the bottom and top (leaving some room at the top to curl some antennae).

After half-heartedly scribbling a few lines of color onto one coffee filter, Max preferred hanging out under the table, whacking our knees with the extra pipe cleaners.

(Seriously, I went overboard this time. I was having too much fun and the boys were doing well entertaining themselves....a rarity in this house.)

And then we hung them up!

They've been fluttering over our kitchen table for about three weeks now and I love them. I think they'll hang out for the rest of the summer

Lesson Learned:
I've decided that I don't care if I get more out of the art project than the boys. I love having our house decorated with kid art. Even if that kid art was parent-generated. And maybe someday, for some project, they'll get really into it. And besides, Evan did LOVE the two butterflies he made....so much so that he decided to give them to his teachers. I'm [sniff] okay with it.

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