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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

yo ho ho....and a sippy cup of milk

Evan is currently loving Disney's Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It's still age-appropriate for my innocent little 4-year old, while providing just a hint of Big Kid entertainment (pirates, treasure-hunting, swords...though no sword fighting, and the quintessential Bad Guy in the form of Captain Hook).

I'm actually surprised it's taken so long for him to want to "play" Jake and his crew. Today was our lucky day. I was Izzy, Max was Cubby, and Evan was, of course, Jake....the leader of the pack.

First, we had to construct our super-secret Pirate Hideaway to hide all of our gold doubloons (or, "duh-boons," according to Evan....and "buh-oons" according to Max....who I think really thought we were looking for balloons).

Cubby was our lookout...he had to survey the area for signs of Captain Hook. His main goal, however, was gaining entrance into the Hideaway. Jake was pretty particular about that Secret Code to get in....

But when given an opportunity, Cubby took it.

Suddenly, Jake realized that our treasure had been stolen, "right under our noses."

We had to act fast to find Hook and Smee (or "Pee" according to Evan, who is still working on those initial blends). We left our Hideout on our mission, sang the Pirates songs, and searched for footprints leading us to Captain Hook and our treasure. Basically, it meant that we marched around the house in a single file line, following Jake, of course, for about 15 minutes saying things like, "Yo Ho Ho, mateys!" or "Arrggghhh!" or "Aww, crackers!" And then, Cubby glanced out the window and alerted us to two pretty birds enjoying the bird seed in the feeder we refilled over the weekend.

As we took a break from the treasure hunt to watch them, Jake announced, "Now that's what I call 'A Happy Ending.'"

And then I asked them each to make their best Pirate Face.

Shiver me timbers.

Lesson Learned:
So what did you do today?

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