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Friday, April 1, 2011

where babies come from

As I was cleaning up from lunch today, Evan walked into the kitchen from the play room holding a "present" for me. When I "unwrapped" it, I found his Baby Doll. He said, "Surprise! It's a NEW BABY!"

"Oh," I said, "a real baby, or a baby doll?"

E: A real baby.
M: Oh, she's so adorable! I've never opened a present and found a real baby before.
E: Her name is Zsa Zsa [all of Evan's babies/stuffed animals are named Zsa Zsa after the dog down the street]. She's only two days old so you need to take good care of her.
M: Two days old?! Oh my.
E: Yes. Two days old. I got her the other day at Target.
M: At Target? I didn't know you could get a baby at Target.
E: You can get babies and all sorts of other stuff at Target. You might want to give her a bottle now. She looks hungry.
M: Oh. I'm not sure that I have a baby bottle here. Do you have one?
E: Yup. [handing me a "bottle."] It came in the box with her.
M: In the box?! This baby came in a box?!
E: Don't worry, it was a special Tummy Box. That way she could have everything she needs in the Tummy Box until she's ready to get born.
M: Oh. So, were there lots of Tummy Boxes on the shelf at Target?
E: Yup. And you always get the right baby.

Lesson Learned:
I agree, buddy. You always get the right baby. And I'm okay to stick with the Target Theory for awhile, too.

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