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Friday, April 22, 2011

love your mother: take 2

Happy Earth Day! Guess who FINALLY made those super cool and easy Tie Dye Earths? ME! I mean....Evan. And Max! I suppose it was worth the (365-day) wait so our itty bitty baby would be big enough to share the fun....

Tie Dye Earth materials:
round coffee filters
*washable* markers in blues and greens
spray bottle
paper towels (just enough to dry the coffee filters on...don't go crazy with them and be all wasteful...it IS Earth Day, you know)

Have your kiddos color the coffee filters with the markers. Encourage them to use lots of color, but they can leave some space white, too.

Spray with water. Three or four squirts should do...enough to dampen the entire filter but not so much that it is dripping wet.

I gave each Earth a little crumple just after spraying to help with the tie-dye effect since our Earths were largely left blank.

Let dry on the paper towels, then hang 'em up in a window and enjoy! 

Lesson Learned:
How to Take Care of the Earth
dictated by Evan
recorded by Mom

"Well, you could share the water. You know, like, turn it off when you're finished using it and let other people and animals have turns at the water fountain. You already know to cut down just the old trees and leave the new trees for the animals of the world. And then you could just plant plants and flowers and stuff. And just take the stuff you need. You know, just share the world."

Max, for the record, does his part, too. We call him The Seagull: He doesn't let a bite of food, from his plate, Evan's plate, or the floor go to waste at mealtimes. Such a sweet little Captain Planet.

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