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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I love St. Patrick's Day. I just do. It's fun and easy and just a little bit sneaky and it means that Spring really is right around the corner. And this year, I was able to do something that I've wanted to do for a REALLY long time, but would have felt funny doing before now....you see, you just really need a Big Enough Kid to justify building a Leprechaun Trap. 

My Big Enough Kid and I have been planning for about a week. We talked about what would attract the Leprechauns to the trap...what they love:  green and gold and cookies. Probably. We weren't sure about the cookies, but Evan assured me that "Everyone loves cookies. Even I do!"

And we talked about how to "trap" the little rascal. The box was a no-brainer. But what if the Leprechaun knows how to lift that box top once he's in there? Evan looked at our supplies and decided that glue, applied to the bottom of the box, would make the Leprechaun stick. Smart kid.

So we taped some string to the inside lid of the box and tied some Gold Coin Cookies (mini sugar cookies with altogether too many yellow sprinkles) just over the Glue Trap.

Evan borrowed a ladder from his fire house to help the Little Leprechaun up.

We picked the perfect location: right inside the front door--which we will leave unlocked, per Evan's instructions.

And then we wait!


Well, we waited until about 10 seconds after the kids were in bed. Then I took care of the Leprechaun bait, careful to leave some purposeful crumbs.

A trail of gold coins leads the way from the trap (which has a little hole cut out of the side, that sneaky rascal) to a little St. Patrick's Day treat for the boys.

Lesson Learned:
Our dinner conversation tonight went like this:
Evan: I'm so excited to stay home all day tomorrow.
Me: We're not staying home....it's a school day.
Evan: Oh.......After you drop me off at school tomorrow can you come back home?
Me: Um, I guess so...why?
Evan: Well, someone needs to keep an eye on the Leprechaun! We don't want him to escape!
Me: ...Oh......Well, you know, IF we DO catch a Leprechaun, we can't keep him forever.
Evan: Yeah, I know. Just until this Patrick's Day stuff is over. Then we'll let him go.

[gulp]  So.....I guess tomorrow's lesson will be, Sorry, Kid. Guess your Trap just wasn't good enough to catch a leprechaun.

Is this going to kill the holiday for him...or motivate him to come up with an even more clever Leprechaun Trap design next year? Wish I'd thought this through a bit more.....

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