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Friday, March 25, 2011

the last resort

Today at Quiet Time, I resorted to bribery. I told Evan that he could have Veggie Chips if he would Just Play One Game With Me. His choice: board game, card game, puzzle, whatever. But before he could eat his Favorite Snack in the Whole Wide World, he had to play a game with me that did NOT involve me flying an imaginary helicopter around our house while searching for the imaginary killer whale that needed to be rescued. Mommy's tired of flying helicopters. I'm also tired of driving make-believe work trucks to make-believe work sites and building (and demolishing) make-believe skyscrapers. And, to be perfectly honest, even the brand new Pretend We're Pirates and You're a Bad Pirate Who's Trying to Find My Hideout game isn't doing it for me. I want to play a game with game pieces and rules that I know up front (and don't change mid-game like when, for example, I find the Hideout but it turns out I was supposed to be looking for the Pirate Ship all along). 

So I "offered him an incentive" to get him to do what I wanted him to do. What? 

Candy Land was the game of choice. 

I don't know if any other parents out there are in this position, but I swear it is like pulling teeth to get this kid to play with me. It's not that he's super independent or anything. Oh, no no no no no...it's not that at all. He needs me to be right next to him all the time talking about what he's playing with or playing along as part of his imaginary scenario (but I'd better get the storyline right or there's gonna be drama). But, aside from the occasional Game Through Bribery or We're Putting This Puzzle Together First AND THEN I'll Be a Worker Man compromise, that's the extent of our interactive playtime.

That's okay. I'm not taking it personally or anything.


But I'm also not above bribing my kids. There. I said it.

Lesson Learned:
For what it's worth, I only had to bribe him to start the game. He enjoyed every step along that rainbow trail....even when I reached the Candy Castle first. He's such a good sport.

But he still won't look at the camera when I ask him to smile.

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