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Friday, March 4, 2011

getting our hands dirty....or not

We woke up this morning with No Plans for the day. This almost never happens. We decided to have a Jammie Morning, which means we stay in our jammies all morning, and open up that art cabinet that has been neglected of late.

Max found finger paints!

 Evan found paint brushes! (The artist did not wish to be photographed.)

Evan is not a finger paint kid. Nor is he a Play-Doh kid or a dig in the dirt kid. Evan is a Tool Man. He knows the right tool to use for the job, whether it's a paintbrush, a rolling pin, or a garden spade, so that his hands stay clean. (Sensory Processing issues? Yup. We're exploring that possibility. More on that another day.) While Max and I were finger painting (which, I admit, is slightly outside of my comfort zone, as well) I said to Evan, "You know, honey, they're called finger paints because you're allowed to use your fingers." He kind of laughed a nervous little laugh and said, "Ha, ha...but yeah, then I'd just be all messy."

"Messy is okay!" I reassured him (and myself) "It's really easy for me to clean up a finger paint mess, Ev, so it's not a big deal. You wouldn't have to be messy for long. Do you want to try it?"

[more nervous laughter] "I think I'd rather just use a paint brush, if you don't mind."

After I cleaned up Max's mess and Evan's not-a-drop-of-paint-on-the-drop-cloth area, we decided to make a different kind of mess. A hands-stay-clean kind of mess. A yummy kind of mess....

Lesson Learned:
The masterpieces of the morning:

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