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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

we've got mail

I had found these adorable little mailboxes on the Target dollar rack a few weeks before Valentine's Day. They made the perfect little Valentine gift boxes for the boys...especially because we needed something compact and portable for our Valentine's Day at Disney World. I added some scrapbooking letter stickers to personalize them and stuffed them with little goodies (Pez for Evan--which, as you recall, came in very handy at Disney, and new crayons for Max, my little artiste).

 When we got home, we added them to our Writing Center and started writing and "mailing" little love notes to each other. Evan's first note to Max said (according to the number stickers he used and his interpretation of his scribbles), "096. I hope you have a great beach vacation, Max."

When Evan came home from school today, he reached into his school bag, grabbed something super secret, and ran upstairs. A minute later, he came down, holding Max's mailbox with the flag raised. "Max! You got mail!" he yelled. "Here, let me read it to you. 'Dear Max, I sure hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Love, Mommy and Evan.'" Max immediately walked over to Evan, took the letter out of his hands and gave his big brother the biggest arms-around-the-waist hug and open-mouthed baby kiss you'll ever see.

And the cherry on top of that sweetness? Finally, Evan is using the Writing Center (at home AND at school) for something other than tracking animal prints. (?)

Lesson Learned:
Two dollars for a renewed interest in writing AND the encouragement of sweet brotherly love? Yes, please.

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