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Monday, February 7, 2011

science kits: seashells

I was up in the attic over the weekend and uncovered some of my old Kindergarten science materials. The experiences I had as a Kindergarten teacher in my former life have come in handy many times in my new stint as Mom....so has the Stuff. I gathered up just a few of the bins, dusted them off, added a few things found around the house, and created a little Science Center in our office. (It also doubles as storage space for Evan's Construction Trucks.)

Science Kit #1: Seashells!

Most of these are shells I collected in middle and high school during my twice-yearly trips to south Florida to visit my Mom Mom. Some were picked up at a cheesy beach shop...you know, to add some sparkle to the collection. Shells are fascinating for kids to explore. They're fun to hold and handle (lots of different textures to explore). They're great to sort and compare. It's interesting to imagine where they came from and wonder "Who used to live in there?"

We added some magnifying glasses to the bin...for Closer Looks. 

 And some books. The top book is a picture encyclopedia of Florids seashells.

We had a great time finding "our shells" in the book.

Evan had a lot of fun investigating the Shark Tooth with Grandpop.

And Max knew just what to do...

Lesson Learned:
I wasn't teaching, promise! It was PLAYING!

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