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Monday, February 7, 2011

science kits: magnets

In our Magnets Bin, we have magnets of all shapes, sizes, and colors. These were purchased over the four years that I was a teacher (I had to buy them myself because in our county, Kindergarten doesn't cover Magnets, and I think that's just crazy. Kindergartners (and preschoolers and toddlers!) LOVE magnets. Capitalize on the natural interest, School Board!) But I digress. You can buy magnets anywhere, of course, but school supply stores usually have a great variety of shapes and sizes.


I also included paper clips and a baking sheet to act as a base for Magnet Building. Nuts and bolts are a great addition to a Magnets Bin. Especially if you're a Tool Man.

Here's some, ahem, "playing" happening:
Hmmm....they don't stick to this.....

...but they stick to this!

This book is a great First Book about Magnets:


Lesson Learned:
I was telling my mom about these bins and she said, "That's the perfect thing to keep put away until you need to occupy them independently for a few minutes...like for an important phone call or something. It will look new again if they haven't seen it for awhile, and it will keep their interest." I love this idea. In my house, I time my phone calls perfectly to coincide with a time when both boys seem to be totally and contentedly engaged in an activity. And it never fails that as soon as the call goes through, they both need me, like, NOW. It also never fails that my mom, a Mother Of Eight, knows how to make my good ideas Even Better.

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