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Sunday, January 23, 2011

NOT for eating

It's the end of January, which means it's almost February, which means it's PRACTICALLY Valentine's Day, which, of course means....time to get crafty!

Last year, we made chocolates...yummy, allergen-free, heart-shaped chocolates with pink and white and red sprinkles in them. They were Great. This year, because we were making treats for Evan's preschool pals, I wanted to go with a non-candy option. So......We made our own Valentine Crayons!

Step 1: We gathered all of our Valentine-colored crayons (pinks, reds, purples, whites) in as many different shades as we could find. Luckily, we have a TON of crayons in this house because this project takes a lot (if you're making enough Crayons for a whole class, anyway).

Step 2: Peel 'em. Because we had so many crayons, this took forever. And Evan wasn't interested in helping with this part, so I did a lot of crayon-peelin' during Quiet Time.

Step 3: Smash 'em. This part, Evan loved. We put them in a big Ziploc and Demolition Man Evan and his trusty rolling pin got the job done.

Step 4: Pour the crayon crumbles into a lined cupcake pan, filling each cup about 1/3 full or more if you want a thicker crayon. (I would recommend more...maybe 1/2 full.)

Step 5: Bake at 200 for about 20 minutes, until the crayons are all melty and swirly. You'll want to watch them closely, and not increase the heat past 200.

Step 6: Let them cool for an hour or so and then pop them out!

And done!
Or not. Somehow, even though we peeled about a million crayons, we ran out of Valentine-colors and only made 12 (too thin) crayons. There are 14 kids in his class. So....Plan B. We re-purposed a silicone Wilton heart-shaped cupcake pan into a silicone Wilton heart-shaped Crayon pan.

And this time, we used all the colors of the rainbow....um, just a little short on the red and pink ends of that spectrum.

I love these. And I love that Evan helped make them.....at least some of them.

Lesson Learned:
So it's Valentine's Day...Who needs chocolates?!
(Um....me. And apparently, Max. He seemed utterly bewildered by the fact that we were taking something out of the oven, and NOT letting him eat it. He was less than amused by this project.)


  1. We did something like this as kids, except we kept the muffin tin in a large electric skillet filled with water. Then we dipped q-tips (or "cotton swabs" :) into the melty crayons and drew on paper. fun!