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Friday, January 21, 2011

the known

In a world of uncertainty, there are things that I do, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Know.

I know....
...that I was born to teach. Someone. Something.
...that I'm a better mom because of my experience as a kindergarten teacher in a Title 1 school.
...that I would be a better teacher now that I've had experience as a mom.
...that I prefer vegetables to fruit.
...that I'm even MORE liberal than you think I am.
...that I'm more spiritual than you would guess.
...that I have a hard time saying the words, "I'm sorry," but not feeling it.
...that as much as I love a Girls' Night Out, I'm happier in my jammies on the couch.
...that becoming a mom has simultaneously made me a more confident person AND made me want to second guess every decision I make.
...that I don't listen to music as much as I used to and I miss it.
...that my sensitive little Big Boy gets his sensitivity and anxiety and worrisome nature from me.
...that my fat-and-happy little Baby Boy is becoming more Big Boy every day, and that makes me equally happy and sad.
...that I can't help but take it personally when someone else "corrects" my kids.
...that I'm a very good listener.
...but sometimes I talk too much.
...that I'm a list-maker.

And things that I Don't.

I don't know...
...how to resist the urge to Teach. I should concetrate more on Parenting.
...how to accept criticism constructively.
...how to be as patient as I would like to be.
...how to accept the fact that Evan doesn't, and probably never will, want to do crafts and projects with me.
...how to control the Accumulation of Stuff that is going on right now in my life.
...how to stop being lazy during our afternoon Quiet Time.
...how to get out of the rut we're in with our dinner menu.
...how to keep in better touch with my oldest friends.
...how to stop making so many damn lists.

Lesson Learned:
I'm not a "Resolutions" person, but in 2011 maybe I should start working on that Don't List.

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