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Monday, January 3, 2011

do it yourself

So you just blew your disposable income (and then some) on Christmas and then you remembered that you forgot to buy that super cute set of over-priced, must-have, Beginning Sound Matching cards. And you Must Have them because if you don't teach your toddler his letters and sounds now, you can kiss college good-bye.

No worries, mama. Well, no worries about the silly game cards, anyway. You can worry about college (your BABY! Leaving Home! SOB!!!) as much as you need to.

I made these when I was teaching kindergarten and they are finding a new life in Evan's Independent Quiet Time Box. (Which is such a misnomer because the activities are done neither independently nor quietly. And actually, they're not even in a box. It's more of a basket.) You can make them while you watch The Bachelor, which may or may not be what I'm doing right now. (May. Okay, Is.)

To make a set of self-checking beginning sound matching puzzle cards.

26 4x6" index cards
foam letters (I found foam letter stickers, which saved time)
markers or stickers or clip art

Stick one letter on the left-hand side of the index card. On the right, draw a picture of something that begins with that letter. If you're not into drawing, you can find stickers or clip art to do the job. Or look for pictures in magazines, catalogs, etc. When thinking of pictures, think of common vocabulary words that your preschooler will know (For instance, he'll call a "toad" a "frog," so for T draw a turtle instead.) And skip the digraphs...I once saw a beginning sound game that matched a "shoe" with the letter S. And that's just Stupid.

Repeat for each of the 26 letters.

Cut the cards apart between the letter and the picture. Cut each card uniquely so that there's only one right "answer" for each letter card.

Mix 'em up and let your budding Valedictorian have at it.

Lesson Learned:
So don't buy it. Make it yourself. Cheaper, cuter, better. And once you've made these beginning sound cards, you can make rhyming pairs, number matching cards, picture/word match cards, etc.

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