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Thursday, December 2, 2010

true balance. ENOUGH!

My poor little Maxwell.

Last week, ear infection.

Monday, bronchiolitis. Breathing treatments every four hours. Not sleeping. Not eating. Not his easy-going, happy-go-lucky self. He's been a Hold-Me kid for the past three days. He's been a raspy, rattly, wheezy, pitiful little thing.

And then, this:

And this:

And this:
As it turns out, this is Exactly what a penicillin allergy looks like. Yesterday was Day 10 of Amoxicillin that was prescribed for the ear infection. Most reactions to the drug occur as a pinprick rash on Day 9 and a widespread spotty rash on Day 10. He was right on schedule. So, out with one, in with another, that's how it seems like allergies work around here.

But that's okay. When I saw this baby at 4:30 this morning with these red spots all over his poor little wheezy body, I was Worried. Like the kind of worried where you know you don't need to race to the ER, but you're wondering if you will soon. A penicillin allergy is the best news I could have heard at the doctor this morning. Well, that coupled with the clear lungs and "beautiful" ears that the check-up revealed....it was a good appointment.

And now my poor little spotty, but not-as-wheezy baby is enjoying his first Good Nap all week, thanks to a healthy dose of Benadryl.

Lesson Learned:
As is always true, it's helpful to look at the bright side.

Today, I am thankful for a penicillin allergy, and am thinking of Kristin and Isabella. Today, Kristin, a fellow food allergy mama, is sitting at Isabella's bedside. The four-year old has been having seizures caused by meningitis. She is in a drug-induced coma and has sustained an as-yet-undetermined amount of damage to her brain. Her daughter may never be the same once she recovers from this illness, and yet even Kristin is thankful that her daughter, though changed, is still with her.

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