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Saturday, December 25, 2010

holiday highlights

Here are just a few of my favorite moments from Christmas...

Christmas Eve, as we were preparing the house for Santa's arrival, Evan let us in on a little secret: "You know something? Santa likes chocolate milk best. We should make his milk chocolatey."

Evan came tip-toeing into our room at 6:45 Christmas morning, not quite sure it was late enough. When he saw Max, and realized that it was, the first words out of his mouth had nothing to do with the presents. He said, "I can't wait to see if Santa and Mrs. Claus liked our cookies!" (Not sure why he thought Mrs. Claus would be in attendance.)

It took Evan three hours to open all of his presents. Literally.

It took Max minutes to open all of his presents....and then he stood at the pantry signing "Please" for breakfast. When we didn't immediately go over to help him, he took it upon himself to open the pantry, reach up for the Cheerios box, and bring it over to the family room. Mr. Independent.

Evan loved his surprises from Santa, but for the first time this year, I saw that Magic Moment: Back in September, we were at Target and Evan saw a tractor trailer truck from the movie Cars. He loved it and said, "I really wish I could have that truck." I told him that he could put it on his Christmas list and maybe Santa would bring it to him. When he opened the present and saw that tractor trailer truck (this was at about hour 2:45 in the 3-hour unwrapping process), his mouth hung open in stunned silence. After a pause he said, "This is JUST what I ALWAYS wanted!" He remembered wanting it, and it hit him that sometimes, wishes do come true.

Max has coveted Evan's baby doll for weeks now. Evan only really wants anything to do with the doll when he sees Max heading for it, but once there was even a wrestling match over it (and I had my first glimpses of my boys fighting over a girl--yikes). Naturally, Santa was THRILLED to be able to give Max his very own baby doll for Christmas...you know, since he loves baby dolls so much. Only, Max won't have anything to do with it. In fact, when Max walked into the family room Christmas morning, he saw a brand new Max-sized chair from Santa, and sitting in the chair was the baby doll. Max went right over to that chair, grabbed the baby doll by the arm and flung it across the room. The only time Max expressed any interest in the doll whatsoever, was when Evan was looking at it.

Santa brought Evan a whole Playmobile Construction Site. There are cranes and excavators and conveyor belts and skid steers and lots of Construction Workers. I was playing with him yesterday afternoon and we ran into a little confusion....he kept calling all the workers "Guy." So it went like this, "You tell your guy to come over to my guy and say, 'Hey, guy, can I see your crane cab?' And then my guy will say to your guy, 'Okay, guy, and you can move the controls like this.' And then the guy will move the guy's controls." So I suggested that he come up with some names for all the Guys. Okay, well you may remember that Evan has some.....issues....with naming things. Like....Training Pants the fish. And Bear Ticklish the Elf.....Anyway, here's the conversation:
Me: You know, you could give each of the guys names. Like....Joe or Thomas.
Evan: [thoughtful deliberation] Okay, my guy is Workman and your guy is Mr. Workman.
Me: Well....okay, but what about something like Ed or Pedro?
Evan: Oh, okay. So this guy is Hand and that guy is also Hand.
Me: [OMG, what is WITH this kid?] Why don't you think of DIFFERENT names for each guy?
Evan: OH! This guy is JoJo and yours is CoCo.
Me:..............Let's just call them all Guy.

But my favorite moment of the whole day....even better than the squeals of delight with each discovered toy....even better than the hugs and kisses and the shouts of "Thank You Santa!"....even better than spending 12 straight hours in one room of the house and not getting bored and not getting tired of each other......was this:

...two snuggly boys, still in their Santa jammies, watching a pre-bathtime Christmas special together after a long, magical day.

Lesson Learned:

Truly, the most wonderful time of the year.

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