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Friday, November 12, 2010

mommy and fire trucks

Because of last night's puking, we cancelled our Fun Friday plans and opted instead for a Jammies Day. We had a nice, snuggly morning, but by 10:15 am, we had read all of our library books, played with Every Single Little People playset we own, and emptied the supplies from the Art Cabinet about a dozen times. So, we were ready for an activity.

Luckily, I have been browsing a website lately that was just full of ideas. So, thank you Playful Learning, for the inspiration.

In honor of the season, Evan and I made a Tree of Thanks. I had picked up a pack of silk leaves from the Target $1 section a few weeks back, thinking we could do something with them. Evan and I talked about Thanksgiving and what it means to be Thankful. Then, he told me what he was thankful for and I wrote his ideas down on the leaves. I added a few of my own and Evan came up with a few things that Max is probably thankful for (like, graham crackers). I added a loop of string to each leaf, found a vase and a few carefully selected branches ("From the GROUND, Mommy! Don't damage the ALIVE TREE!" reminded Captain Planet.).....

And there you have it. Our Tree of Thanks. I think we'll keep adding to it over the next few weeks. Maybe we'll bring it to Thanksgiving Dinner at the grandparents' house and have the extended family add their own Leaves of Thanks.

Lesson Learned:
"Hmmmmm....I'm thankful for.......hmmmmmmm.....le's see........Oh! Mommy! AND fire trucks."

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  1. Very cute. I'm thankful for a trip to Richmond in a couple weeks to see all of the Harrises.