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Monday, November 1, 2010


Naturally, our Halloween celebration began with a Civics lesson. I couldn't help it. Election Day is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, people. Let's maximize on this teachable moment. And so, there was a Jack-O-lantern face ballot:

Once the people (or, person) had spoken, the Jack-O-Lantern was carved. I did the carving, Max did the supervising.

Daddy and the boys worked on a less dangerous Pumpkin Decorating Project. Although, Evan still managed to get his hands on a pumpkin carving knife, which Max is careful to keep a close eye on.
Finished products!

Our Great Pumpkin:
And our Toolman Evan:
And after the Neighborhood Kids Party, it was time to Trick-or-Treat for the Very First Time Ever:

Evan isn't a "costume" kid. He's not a "talk to strangers, or even people he kinda knows" kid. He's not a "upset our normal routine by going out after dark and staying up past his bedtime" kid. So Halloween isn't his fave night. BUT: Man did he do a great job! Evan wore his "costume," he rang doorbells, he spoke to our neighbors, he stayed up late, he scored some candy (thanks to my great neighbors for providing Evan-safe candy!), and he Truly Enjoyed Halloween. I'm so proud of him. The choice to go trick-or-treating was his....we weren't going to push the issue...and I know that he was stepping outside of his comfort zone to do it. We encouraged him and stood right beside him, but he didn't need much support once the Trick-or-Treating had begun. He ran up ahead to the next house yelling back to Daddy, "Just try to catch up to me, Daddy, you can't catch me, I'm TOOLMAN EVAN!"

And Max, in classic Second Child fashion, was thrilled to just go along for the ride. And he even kept that ridiculous pumpkin hat on All Night Long.

Lesson Learned:

The only thing better than seeing your kid muster up the confidence to do something that takes courage, is seeing the look on his face when he realizes that the payoff for all that mustering is CANDY.

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