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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

preschool diaries: open house

Evan, sly-winking, on the unofficial First Day of Preschool.

So remember when Evan used to suffer from self-inflicted narcolepsy? Well, the darnedest thing happened when his teacher greeted him at today's Open House. Yup. He's relapsed.

Mrs. G: Hi, Evan! I'm so glad to see you here today!

Evan [eyes closed, head resting on his shoulder]: honk-shooooooooooooo

Mrs. G [to me]: Okay, then! Why don't you two just make yourselves at home and go explore the room!

Um, yeah.

He was able to turn it around a bit, though, after we put his school bag away in his cubby. We turned to the room to decide which center to check out first. I look down at him to see him looking through binoculars. No, not actual binoculars, but his hands....formed into Os...in front of his eyes.

He spent the next 5 minutes like this.

And then, he spied the Play-Doh!

He played and made Play-Doh cars with the cookie cutter and talked about his Play-Doh car with his teacher. He created a whole story about his Play-Doh car....that it had to drive to the top of the mountain to rescue the helicopter that had broken down....and then he was off!

Off to the Discovery Table, where he played with magnets and sorting objects.

Off to the Reading Center, when he tried out the rocking chair that was Just Right.

Off to the Sand Table, where he scooped and dumped the Coffee Sand (Yup, coffee and sand. Really cool and fragrant. Great idea.) with the cups and funnels.

Off to the Music Center, where he banged on some drums, rang some bells, and clacked some clacky things.

Off to Housekeeping, where he called me on the phone 15 times in a row to say, "Hello? Mom? It's me. I'm at preschool. What's the job today?"

He *kinda* interacted with some of the other kids!
He used the potty!
He was a good helper at clean-up time!
He let Mrs. G give him a good-bye hug!
He did great.
Until he got home. Then he fell apart--pitiful, dramatic sobbing--about the horse that Max was playing with that he "was just thinking about going to get"......about the guacamole on his plate and the salsa on his chicken.....about the fact that he just wants to drive a backhoe Right Now.

Lesson Learned:
My little guy. Trying so hard, using every defense mechanism in his repertoire, to just make it through the morning that I know was stressful for him. But he did it! He held it together until he could just let it all out at home. Optimistic about Drop-Off Thursday!

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  1. Great report! Nice work, Evan. Way to go, buddy. Aunt Kel is proud. (And tell him I still have tantrums every now and then when I get home from work, and I'm reallyyy old.)