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Sunday, September 26, 2010

pet shop boys, remix

We had fish. Two of them. For four days. Then, one day we went in to feed them: Sharky was floating, upside down at the top of the bowl and Training Pants was at the bottom of the bowl, vertical, pointing directly up at Sharky. It was very weird.

Evan asked what happened and I explained it like this: "Well, they died. When animals are at the end of their lives, they die. Goldfish usually have very short lives. Animals like cats and dogs live for a much longer time than goldfish."

"But all animals die?"

Moose is our chocolate lab. He has already lived for a long time. The inevitable is near. We have not yet discussed this with Evan, and I saw an opportunity to broach the subject. So I said, "Well, yes, sweetie. All animals die someday."

Evan became very quiet and thoughtful. I was waiting for the questions to follow about Moose. Instead, Evan said, "Well, I guess we'll have to go to the pet store and get some more fish."

So we did!

I'd like you to meet Scrufty the Betta.

When I told the girl at the pet store that our goldfish lived for only four days, she said, "You need a Betta. They're the ultimate no-maintenence pet." We're on Day 3 and Scrufty is looking good.

Lesson Learned:

"Scrufty," for those taking notes, is the name of Farmer Pickle's dog on Bob the Builder.

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