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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the kid

This will not be a sentimental post. I'll save that for the First Birthday post coming in a few weeks. That said, here's how you know that your Baby is becoming a Kid:

He walks over to the shoe basket, finds his shoes (yeah, they're leather, slip-on booties with giraffe appliques on them, but they're SHOES, nonetheless), walks to the door, and starts banging his shoes against it while looking at you and shouting, "Owwwwww!"

He WALKS. Period.

He can hold his own against his Big Brother in a fight over toys, sippy cups, snacks, or mom's lap.

He enjoys a blanket-and-cushion fort for the hide-and-seek and play value, not just for the destruction and pulling-apart-of-blankets-and-cushions value. (And the Big Brother is most thankful for this development.)

You have completed, ordered, received, and watched a million times his First Year of Life photo montage. And it makes you cry Every Time.

He "drives" cars around the kitchen making motor noises and narrowly avoiding your feet.

You let him play with Play-Doh! And he plays with Play-Doh for almost five whole minutes before eating it!

The 8-year-old at the table next to yours at Rita's looks at your "baby," who is wearing an adorable onesie, and says, "Hey mom, why isn't that Kid wearing pants?"

Lesson Learned:
I'll bet that 8-year-old's mom was thinking, "But that was YOU, wearing a onesie, bouncing on my lap, just last week, right?"

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  1. As a mom of an almost 8 year old, I sure do. I don't know when, but I must have taken an extra long nap sometime.